A fake wedding?


We were honored to be chosen as the exclusive wedding videographer for this year’s The Big Fake Wedding in Chicago.  

What is The Big Fake Wedding? Let us set the scene for you. You’re a newly engaged couple in Chicago that’s shopping for vendors to make their wedding day amazing and fit you both perfectly, You’ve tried the Wedding Expos and searching the Knot but you’re just not finding the right “insert missing piece.” You think to yourself, “I just wish I could see my wedding fully completed before it happens.” Enter The Big Fake Wedding. A complete wedding day with flowers, cake, dancing and a real life bride and groom with you, the lovely couple as the guests of honor.

The bride, Ashley, and groom, Mike, are married in real life these past 4 years, and use this day as a massive celebration of their love.  They ask their close friends to stand up with them and join in on the festive ordeal.

We pretend that it’s a real wedding, film it, have a blast getting to know the couple, their friends, other madly creative cake builders, photographers, florists, on and on, so it goes.  

Since you are real guests you see the whole thing go down, taste the food, dance the dances, talk to the people like us behind cameras, and then see the wedding video that we craft telling the story of the day. You then realize, "I should connect with these lovely people to create something like this for my day."

We think it's the right spin on a bridal show.  Don’t you?

See if The Big Fake Wedding is coming to your city.

Brad GrimmComment