Q. When do you typically start and how long will you stay?

A. If there is anything I hate, it's being rushed when trying to create a masterpiece. We work better when we can feel relaxed and we know you are more relaxed when you don't have to worry about a bill for extra hours. That's why all of our packages include the full day, from bridal prep right up to the dances. Just like Steven Tyler, we don't wanna miss a thing...


Q. What if one of us isn't comfortable in front of a camera?

A. First of all, you're in good company. We hear this one a lot, and even if nobody mentions it there are some awkward people out there (you know who you are...hopefully). Whether you've been dreaming about your chance to be on camera or you feel like crawling under a rock whenever you see one we have lots of experience helping you relax when the camera is in the room. This starts with getting to know you before the wedding so we aren't strangers when your day arrives. We'll meet up, have some coffee and by the time we're filming we'll feel like old friends.


Q. When will I get to watch my film?

A. I know, waiting for your film is borderline unbearable. We average 3-4 months for delivery of your Features Film because we want to be sure to give it the proper care and attention it deserves. If you’ve chosen to add an Instagram Teaser to your film, you'll have that within 3 weeks of your wedding.


Q. What about working with photographers?

A. I get why people ask this. So many cameras, you've got to be all over each other right? The truth is, we really love working with photographers. At the end of the day your film and your photos are about the only bit of your wedding day that you get to keep (plus that slice of cake you'll find in your freezer 12 years from now...) When we both have that perspective we can work together to find the best spots, the best angles, the best lighting, and so on. If you'd like some recommendations on photographers that we've loved working with just ask!